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Kosher Foods For A Healthier Life; Ditch The Fast Foods

We are a kosher restaurant in Brooklyn and we bring you some of the healthiest alternatives to fast foods. Our foods are all made from ingredients that are very fresh, and we make all the meals from scratch. Better still, all our meals are kosher!

There has been a significant increase in the number of restaurants that serve fast foods in the country. With this lifestyle, we have witnessed an increasing number of people suffering from chronic conditions such as type 2 diabetes, heart conditions, and a myriad of cancers. This has been a wake-up call for most people and slowly people have been shifting towards a healthier diet and healthier lifestyle.

In the recent days, more and more people have been embracing the idea of a kosher diet in their pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. According to a study conducted in 2012, only 15% of people who shopped for kosher foods did it for its religious value, but for its added health benefits.

It is important to note that, the process and routine of preparation and inspection are what makes food kosher; it is not a type of food like Mexican or Italian. We, therefore, purchase kosher ingredients, and painstakingly observe kosher processes during preparation to ensure that the food we serve you is completely healthy and uncontaminated. Some of the meals on our menu include:

  • 1. Falafel: We make these little gold balls from chickpeas, garlic, spices, and parsley. They are very rich in protein and they stand in handily for red meat. Each little ball contains 2 grams of proteins and it is certainly a very good alternative for meatballs and spaghetti. The benefits of falafel, however, go beyond the protein. Three falafel balls, provide about 26% of the daily recommended fiber, and as a result, falafel is great for improving bowel function and lowering of blood lipid levels (cholesterol). Most of us don’t meet or even come close to the recommended 25 grams of fiber per day, and chickpeas can help fill the fiber gap. This helps in reducing your risk of colon cancer and heart disease It is also important to note that our delicious falafel can also help you lose weight due to the high fiber content, just like someone who is on a low-fat diet.
  • 2. Hummus: Hummus is popular as a dipping sauce or condiment for the health conscious people, and ours is no exception. We make it from pureed chickpeas, olive oil, and seasoning. It is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals and it is not only heart-healthy, it has great benefits for your body, mind, and soul.
  • The main ingredient, chickpeas, is rich in proteins and fiber, which have been linked to a myriad of health benefits such as lowering cholesterol, aiding in weight loss, preventing colon cancer, and lowering the risk of type 2 diabetes.

    Other benefits of hummus include:

    • • It alleviates anemia- it is a rich source of iron with one cup providing more than 25% of the recommended daily value. The chickpeas also contain some vitamin C, which aids in the absorption of iron. Although the body absorbs iron from animal sources much better than iron from non-meat sources, our hummus will definitely raise your iron levels.
    • • It reduces blood clots- Chickpeas are rich in vitamins E and K, which have blood thinning properties and naturally reduce the risk of blood clots. Vitamin K can also reverse the effects of too much warfarin, which is a blood thinning drug.
    • • It reduces blood sugar- since hummus is a complex carbohydrate, energy is released over time, and therefore, there are no spikes in blood sugar levels as is the case with simple carbohydrates.
  • Eating our hummus every day will, therefore, keep a lot of health issues at bay and keep you at optimal health.

  • 3. Tahini: We prepare our tahini from hulled toasted ground sesame seeds and we serve it as dip either on its own or as a major component of our famous hummus. Sesame seeds are known to have great health benefits which are similar to the benefits of superfoods such as walnuts, flaxseeds, and olive oil. These benefits include cardiovascular protective benefits and immune-boosting properties.

    Other health benefits of sesame seeds include:

    • • They are high in amino acids and healthy fats- tahini has more oil compared to other nut butters including almond and peanut butter and it is, therefore, more silky and smooth. The oil in tahini is mostly polyunsaturated. Tahini is also a great source of protein (better than other nuts)
    • • It is a great source of essential vitamins and minerals including the B vitamins like thiamine, and minerals such as copper, magnesium, iron, manganese, and zinc.
    • • It is useful in regulating cholesterol and blood pressure- the sesamolin and sesamin in sesame seeds have antithrombotic properties. This means that they help in preventing cardiovascular diseases which are tied to disruptive effects within the arteries which include cardiovascular death and acute coronary syndrome. This is due to the high levels of phytosterols in sesame seeds.
    • • Useful in balancing hormones especially in menopausal women due to the presence of phytoestrogens which mimic the effect of the hormone, estrogen. This is useful in relieving the undesirable symptoms of menopause.
    • • Useful in improving skin health due to the presence of vitamin E, amino acids, vitamins, fatty acids, and trace minerals, which are key in skin cell rejuvenation. They aid in preventing early signs of aging.
  • 4. Salad Bar: Salads have over time become a mealtime standard due to their appealing tastes, varying textures, and delightful colors. Above it all, salads are extremely healthy especially when they are kosher. They are rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals, and are also key for weight loss or maintenance.

    Our salad vegetables are carefully sourced and sorted for insects before they are served so as to meet the kosher standards, and we do not leave this to chance. At our salad bar, we provide you with fresh kosher vegetables and you get to assemble your very own plate of a healthy salad! We provide you with such vegetables as chopped tomatoes, lettuce, sliced vegetables such as carrots and bell peppers.

Our kosher meals are not only healthy, they are finger-licking as well. Visit us today and enjoy a wholesome meal, and you will definitely come back.

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We are under the strict supervision of Rabbi Meir Goldberg of the Vaad Hakashrus of Flatbush

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